Monday, August 19, 2013

Fishing the Upper Mississippi River

My good friend Eric and I met up with a couple of buddies and took a camping trip on the Upper Mississippi this past week. It added up to be one of the best/most memorable trips I have been a part of.
 As I look back on the trip, and flip through photos, I find the mighty Miss' calling me back. That system found a way into my heart, and already, I can't wait to return. Flows were low, and fishing was average at best, but the scenery, diversity of flora and fauna, coupled with the variety of fishing opportunities and techniques made for the outdoorsman's ultimate playground.
I never thought this river and it's endless backwaters would have such a tremendous effect on me. She has buried herself deep into my heart, I look forward to many trips to come.

 Don't let the flat waters deceive you. This river's power is endless. This tree was obviously not rooted where it lays now.

 Barges and trains run day and night

 The caddis hatch was impressive

 Surf rod for catfish? Sure!