Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lake Michigan report

I received a text from Eric Friday evening instructing me to meet at the launch at 5:15AM...we ride at dawn. Actually, an hour before dawn, but you get the point. Excited to fish open water after a long cold winter, I did just as I was told. The target on this morning would be coho, who's early presence in the area had been rumored of. These fish winter in the Southern most reaches of Lake Michigan, beginning their migration North in the spring. They are very aggressive fish and arguably the best tasting fish in the lake. With coho being this far North so early, they would be sure to make for specimens of perfect eating size.

The three of us, (Eric the Doc and myself) motored into the dark and began setting lines. All 8 lines were in the water 15 minutes prior to first light. Not bad considering I mostly pointed the flashlight while the Doctor set his rigs and Eric piloted the boat.

 The sun began to burn above the horizon. For a few moments, it's as if  there is a fire burning on the surface of the water.

My first open water fish of the season, is this healthy little brown trout.

 Coho salmon, perfect eater size

To add to the fun you get a shot at big browns like these. They are fun to catch and release. Not to mention in this fishery you have a real chance at a world record. Two current world records for brown trout are out of Lake Michigan. Nice fish Eric. 

Back to the docks before noon, we reminisce of our recent experience as we tally up the fish. 7 coho made it to the cooler along with some of the quality browns. We had a first time quad, with a fifth fish banging one of the dipsy lines. The three of us struggled to battle our fish, while netting the 4th. Of the 4 fish that were hooked Eric and the Doc landed 3 while mine broke me off. We never got to set the hook on the 5th. Needless to say, this was an excellent day on the water. Tonight on the menu: Glazed coho salmon with roasted vegetables. The smoker should be expecting visit soon.