Saturday, January 14, 2012

In a box from England...

Well today came my new Ebay find which is a Forest of Kelso 4 1/4" wide drum salmon reel with a really cool mechanical drag system.   What would make this even cooler is if I was at home to play with it!  As I figured....the reel came the same day I left for Boston so I will not get to see this thing for another 9 days!  UGHHHHHH!

I had my better half open it for me and do the noise test....HOLY SHIT is it loud!  She stood on the other side of our apartment from the phone reeling this thing and I had to hold the phone from my ear and her only description for it was "I know you always say you want it loud but this is obnoxious".  She then did the same test with my Farlow Ambassador reel and it wasn't even a fraction of the sound.  I cannot wait to get this thing screaming on some chrome.

Cheers to dreaming about having the loudest reel on the river!

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