Wednesday, June 13, 2012

O Canada! Ontario Fly in

I returned last night from my 1 week stay in Ontario. I am excited to share some of the photos I took during my adventure. We flew in to Highrock lake with Gordy of Melaire Ltd. A well experience bush pilot with a 1960's Dehavilland Turbo Beaver. We promptly unpacked our cargo and he departed with a wave. 
So there we were, 4 men with a lake all to ourselves. One week deserted on an island in Ontario, no communication with the outside world and nothing to do except fish. 


Riding Shotgun in a Turbo Beaver

See you in a week!

Home sweet home

First Canadian Smallmouth... on a topwater. Bob Ross Approved, Happy Trees, Happy Fish

18+ inchers all day long\

 Different fish, seriously

 Toothy Critters


 The crowning glory of the trip. Closing day, I managed to boat this Walleye. Measuring in at nearly 30 inches this is by far a personal record for me. On a inland lake none the less. If it weren't for my good friend Eric who netted this beast for me, I never would have landed her. My 6lb test line popped just as the fish hit the net. 

 The Duke watched over us every night

Atop a "High Rock"

 Lady Slipper

This trip was one of a lifetime to say the least. Hopefully it is the start of a lifetime of trips just like it. My experiences in Ontario far surpassed my expectations. Ontario offered some of the best warm water fishing I have ever experienced to date, not to mention I was among great company as well.
A midst the double headers, bent hooks and broken lines,  I managed to pull off what I ended up calling "The Ultimate Ontario Grand Slam". One fly rod, one fly, one day, 3 species: Walleye, Smallmouth and of course our toothy friend the Northern Pike.
I never anticipated catching so many Walleye on the fly rod. What a feeling that is. 
I hope you  enjoyed the photos so far. I will get some photos up of the most successful flies during my stay.

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