Thursday, December 20, 2012


Things have been pretty dead here.  I've been working a lot and trying to get an m.Arch at the same time so needless to say fishing hasn't been possible.  I did get a new toy that finally arrived in late August after waiting for a few months (this was my pre-marriage final splurge).  Being limited on time and water availability due to this great drought, I hit up the Des Plaines to give it hell.  I quickly realized the Watermaster was the best fishing related purchase I've made next to a good jacket and pair of waders.  I did a solo float which meant I had to hike to get to the drop in so I would have my car where the pullout is.  Thankfully this boat fits in a large backpack and weights about 45lbs so I walked about 3 miles up river and put in.  The fishing sucked and the bass was all that I found but that has been par for the course this fall.

And I leave this post with some seagull dinner and a summation of the fall run.


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