Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fiberglass 4wt build

I recently wrapped up this little project I have been working on. I wanted to build an understated lightweight rod mainly for pan fishing. I think this rod would be just as happy on any small spring fed trout stream. It turned out just as I planned it to be. A few elegant details but over all a simple, no frills build. 
Here are some shots of the nearly finished product. (I still have to "sign" the blank...line weight, length etc..but my handwriting leaves much to be desired)

This 4wt was built on a 7'3" Fiberglass Rustic River blank

I love this down locking banded reel seats from RL Reelseats it pairs well with the cigar grip

 I am very excited about this Meisselbach Rainbow No.631

I think it compliments the build quite well. 

I can hear the click pawl scream while a slab gill slams my popper. 


  1. Sweet looking rod! What kind of blank did you use? Swift blank?

  2. Blank was a Rustic River unmarked. There is some info growing on the web about these. They come from the far east, but some of the more well known builders out there have said good things about them so I took a chance and snagged one. Overall impressions are good so far. I haven't lined it and cast it yet. I will post some of the results once I do.