Saturday, February 1, 2014

Crappy Crappie report

Just like the title says, crappie fishing was well... crappy yesterday. Fish would SLOWLY approach bait, then quickly dart back down and away. Without a camera down there, my assumption is that these fish were spitting the bait faster and lighter than I could feel, thus their alarmed reaction. I did manage to catch a few, literally.

The highlight of the evening was the fellow in the winterized Supercub, skis and all, buzzing the shacks. The cherry on top was the sunset.


  1. do you use spring bobbers on your ice rods?

    i keep going back and forth and cant tell what i like the best

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    1. Good question. I too have gone back and forth. This year I have not used any. I have struggled with the kind you buy in stores, reluctant to "spring" the money for the more expensive kind. My friend and I made our own and those are truly my favorite. They work really well.
      I have to add, the only graphite rods in my rod locker are L, ML, and M action rods. I use these for fast action crappie, perch, whitefish and walleye fishing where a spring indicator is less important.
      My go-to panfish rods are solid fiberglass blanks. I use these for finesse jigging and dead-sticking usually for crappie and bluegill. If I was using graphite, I would be using a spring bobber. I like the noodle rods because they all are very soft in the tip and transition to a good backbone. With tungsten jigs, I feel very confident with presentation and hook set. It is a combo that works well for me, but might not for everybody.
      I could go on a long rant. I will just say, for me, graphite or blended pan fish rods aren't my favorite. For true (non nostalgic) pan-fishing applications, solid fiberglass is what I prefer most of the time.
      Switching back and forth is good. I would think it a mistake to believe one is better than the other.