Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Click Pawl Reels

Despite the great weather we are having, flows have been un-fishable since the weekend. I was feeling a little bored tonight and decided to take a family portrait of a few click pawl reels.

Starting with the biggest, this narrow drum C. Farlow & Co. "Ambassador" is my daily driver. It is lined with an Airflo Compact Skagit right now for big winter flies swung low and slow. Made in London England it measures about 4.125" in diameter, sports a unique lever activated drag, which simply applies more pressure to the pawl spring. Oh and the dual click pawl absolutely screams.

 Speaking of reels made in England, This one is from Cortland. It's lined with Cortland's Peach 444 DT  6F.
This reel is most likely going to be matched with a fiberglass rod I am in the process of restoring/rebuilding. (pics to come)

On to the good Ol' USA. This fine specimen is a true Blue Collar reel. Don't let the Horrocks Ibbotson name fool you. This "Sportcraft No.100" is a great little reel. Complete with catgut backing, this one is going to be matched up with either a future fiberglass build. Or if it can hold enough line, it will work wonders with my bamboo bass rod I am restoring as well. (Photos to come)


As long as I am talking about reels made in the USA here is the oldest one in my collection. It is a Skakespeare "Featherweight". This reel means a lot to me as it was given to me by my father. It is all brass nickle plated construction and measures in at just over 2" in diameter.
In the 1920's there were three single-action trout reels available, The Winner, The Featherweight, and the Kazoo. All of these were Shakespeare's simplfied versions of earlier Meisselbach reels.
 It's truly a wonder this reel is still in such great condition, being over 90 years old and stamped from such soft metal. I wonder what type of fish it has seen and what type of anglers have fished it.

 Last but certainly not least is the Ross Reels "Colorado 0". The "0" was produced from 1997 to 2004 and I have this one lined with a Scientific Anglers DT 2F.  Certainly not a vintage reel, but staying true to tradition, no frills here, just a single pawl and gear.

  Still one of my favorite reels, a true testament to American Quality.

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