Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Steelhead Hairwings

I decided I cant let Adam have all the fun with steelhead patterns. With the warm weather we have been having I decided to tie some "summer-esque" hairwings. Too bad I used white as a back drop. It really washed out the white tips I love so much in squirrel tail wings as well as the almost clear/white arctic fox wings.

Dec Hogan Summer Bug variation brat style pink arctic fox over white arctic fox wing

 Cummings Steelhead Fly

Unnamed Spey style hairwing (I made this one up)

Dec Hogan's Summer Bug (arctic fox wing)


  1. Sweet looking flies! I like the Hogan's Summer Bug. All should produce well

  2. Thanks Brian! Glad you like. We sure hope these will produce. Reports will follow any results.