Friday, May 10, 2013

Sausage Fest

This week fishing opportunities have been limited. Cold weather, scattered rain and wind have all added up to me needing to keep myself occupied in other ways. I know I could tie flies, or start wrapping another rod, but with summer approaching, camping, grilling and tailgating with friends and family, I decided to put my time to use in other ways. 
 Recently a very good friend of mine gave me a whole quarter of a deer which he hadn't used yet. It was just sitting in his freezer from this past November. He offered it to me and well, an offer so generous as this could not be passed up. I took the venison, removed the main cuts from the meat, saving them for a later use and turned the rest into delicious sausages. 

Venison Bratwurst coils

All linked up

Venison Potato Sausage

Now, I know this is supposed to be a fishing blog, but I am sure some of you out there like to hunt, some of you may like to cook. So in many ways, I feel it is relevant. Hunting and fishing for food is very close to my heart for many reasons. And I am sure it is near and dear to yours as well. I feel it is important that we understand where our food comes from. Fresh sausage like this is all natural. It is free of preservatives and ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and other food modifiers which I can't pronounce the names of let alone attempt to spell. I used choice cuts to make this sausage. Cuts taken from the epitome of grass fed, organic, free range. I know where this animal was killed and how. I can share it with family and friends and feel good about providing people with healthy sustainable food. 

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