Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ice Report 12-14-2013

Hit the ice solo yesterday. I fished a small lake in Fond Du Lac county. Ice was 8-10", temps were in the 20's with a light east wind and flurries all day. Fishing gills was great, they were feeding pretty hard. I must have caught 150 or more, however, less than 25 of them were what I consider keeper size. But I am not complaining. The action was good, I had fun and the active bite made the trip worthwhile. 

I checked my tip ups about an hour after setting up and jigging only to find my first set had been robbed. No bait was left on the hook. So I kept that tip up and depth in its place and re-baited. Well wouldn't you know it, before I could even sit down and warm up, the flag was flying and the spool was spinning. This pike was taking a lot of line out. I figured it to be a hammer handle until I got her to the hole. She turned, reluctant to go up the hole and took a good run on me. I brought her to the hole again and she took another nice run. Finally, I got her head in the right direction and hoisted her to the ice. Broad shouldered and a fat belly, she was a really healthy fish. Under 30 inches, but thick as can be. Unfortunately, it was a solo trip and I didn't want to subject the fish to the harsh conditions any longer than necessary. I slipped her back into the water after a few seconds of admiration.   

Waves of what looked to be giant shiners would come in every so often. I hooked into a bunch, this is one of the smaller ones... no kidding. 

Not quite a keeper, but his colors were just awesome

I had to keep at it to get into bigger fish. In the background you can see the fish suspended off the bottom on the flasher. The quicker I got back in the hole with my jig, the better my chances were at a larger, more aggressive fish.

I kept just enough for a meal. Vac bagged and in the freezer!


  1. Those are some big gills. I'm glad you get rewarded for putting up with that weather.

  2. Honestly, the weather was great. We haven't had a day in the 20's since the first few days of December. It was a rewarding day, I was happy to be out on the ice.