Sunday, May 27, 2012

Slammin' Fatties

Some recent pics of some fish I landed the other day.  With the hot weather the carp are getting into the shallows and starting to do their thing, however, they do feed while they breed.

A tip for anyone out there who cares...make sure your line is CLEAR of any hazards prior to hooking into a freight train.  I did not follow this advice and had stepped over mine line and upon hooking the fish in the second pic and watching the line burn out through my hand and hearing my drag start screaming only to suddenly have my fly line slam up into my boys.  (This was NOT a pleasurable experience and fish apparently can't hear you say "timeout") Anyhow, after some pretty sweet gymnastic moves on my end I was able to get the line untangled without taking a swim.

Way cooler than the carp was catching  a freshwater drum.  It was a nice surprise and was the first one of that kind I had caught.

Til next time....

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