Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some recent fish and randomness

I was able to get up to the Northwoods last weekend and fished the Cisco Chain for Walleye but didn't come up with any.   We then switched over to smallmouth and started crushing it but have no pics of course.  The lake our house is on produced some fantastic popper fishing with good size gills and crappie and even a nice largemouth which was a good time.

Also had the chance to capture some loons and almost got them in the boat thanks to the "Loon call app" my brother installed on his droid phone.  We literally had them 5' from the boat and watched them diving and saw one come up with a crayfish.  It was way cool. 

I also managed to grab a long exposure of the northern lights which was cool considering it was my first real attempt at night photography.

More recently,  I headed out to a small creek near my place here on the north shore and was able to grab this little carp.  It was without question one of the lamest carp I've hooked and only took a couple  5' runs.  Still fun none the less.


  1. Well done on the mixed bag of fish photos. Stumbled across your blog via 365Fish and now following.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I have to agree Adam did a great job. I am jealous of the action he has had lately! Somebody on this blog has to catch em'!