Sunday, May 6, 2012


Fishing for me has been non-existent lately which has been a bummer but it's insane how much other stuff I have gotten done!

Anyways,  I've been out once for some largemouth and did pretty well for how early it is for them in the season and yesterday I blew 2 chances and some actively feeding carp.  Things should get better as I'm heading up north this coming weekend to fish walleye and pike on the Cisco Chain.

A buddy of mine informed me that he blasted a turkey about a week ago and I quickly jumped on the opportunity for a hoard of free feathers.  I grabbed the entire tail spread and all of the wings as well as a good amount of breast feathers that I plan on burning into spey hackles.  

We may be gone as of late but we will hopefully not be forgotten.  Things should start heating up here for us in the coming months.

Dee flies anyone?????

More spey wings!

Here are a few photos that pretty much wrap up our spring steel heading....

Anthony giving the local tress the business

And last, but certainly not least....

Milwaukee River Still life.


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